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July 15, 2010


michael cardus

The "Socratic Method" describe is very divergent from the method that Plato implores w/ the character of Socrates.
Plato's Socrates is meant to be a "gad-fly" a shower of ignorance and a foundation destroyer. His dialog w/ Euthphro is a great example of socratic questioning. Socractes goal was to show that even the experts when explored and challenged enough laid their epistemic knowledge upon shakey foundation.
What many teaching and so called socratic methods are today is just asking open ended questions, and stopping once agreement has been reached.
Socrates aim was to show that NO-ONE is wise this quote from the apology;
"above all I should like to spend my time there, as here, in examining and searching people's minds, to find out who is really wise among them, and who only thinks that he is."
Facilitator need to careful and realize that many only think they are wise.

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